Registration Number370300228087981
Name of EnterpriseJinjing (Group) Co.,Ltd
Enterprise location(Jinjing Industrial Park), Wangbei Village, Shiqiao Sub-district Office, High-New Techology Development district, Zibo city. 
Legal RepresentativeWang Gang
Registered CapitalRMB Yuan Four Hundred Forty Five Million
Paid-Up CapitalRMB Yuan Four Hundred Forty Five Million
Type of EnterpriseLimited Liability Company ( Natural Person Investment or Holding)
Scope of Business

Pre- Licensed Business Item:No Item

General Operation Item: Assets and Operation Management of holding enterprise, float glass, coating glass, fiber glass, technology transfer of industrial soda ash manufacture, sales, import and export of sundries and technology, real estate development, the sales and development of computer software and hardware ( excluding items prohibited by laws and administrative regulations,   the items restricted by laws and administrative regulations must be licensed before operation)

Founded Date31 Oct. 2003
Business Termfrom 31 Oct. 2003 to 30 Oct. 2023

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